Melissa Frisco

Beautician Professional

Marcus & Matthew Frisco

Commercial Real Estate Developers

Kenneth Smith

Construction Waste Services

Patricia Burnett

Adult Supportive Services

Ruth King

Doctor of Education

Wendy Melchor

Adult Supportive Services

Jacqueline Miles

Philanthropist / Entertainment Supportive Coordinator

Thomas Miles

Comedian / Actor / Philanthropist

Charles & Charma Adams

Tech Support Professional

Misty Blanks

Educator & Low Income Housing Provider

Keisha Blanks

Educator / Insurance & Investment Specialist

Derric Green

Insurance & Investment Specialist

Tyrous and Vera Ingram

Restaurateurs / Business Developers

Darren Jones

Educational Director / Real Estate Developer

Frank Winkfield

Commercial Printer / Real Estate Developer

Taisha Walker

In House Certified Public Accountant / Entrepreneur / Investor

Delaina Simpson


Shannon Coleman

Adult Supportive Services

Patricia Frank

Educational Director / Real Estate Developer


Marcus R. Frisco

CEO / Owner

Matthew R. Frisco

VP Operations

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